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Civil Construction
as a Turnkey Job

Civil Construction as a Turnkey Job

We at Intertouch do civil work as a turnkey job along with Pre Engineered building.

As Civil Construction contractors, we develop accurate pre-construction budgets, perform surveys of properties, and draw engineering plans using the latest CAD technology as well as efficient and cost-saving construction methods.

We undertake entire responsibility to pursue Earth work, Reinforced cement concrete, steel structure fabrication & Erection, masonry & plastering. This core work is complemented by our utility services like - plumbing, electrical power & sanitary fittings, finishing details such as doors, windows, external cladding and painting.

Our regular association with preferred labour subcontractors helps us in getting reliable and skilled work force consistently.

Advantages of doing civil work along with Pre engineered building are:

     1. Elimination of two separate contractors, thus cost effective
     2. Early completion of Projects, Saving precious time

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PEB, Steel Roofing System
and Puff Panel

PEB, Steel Roofing System and Puff Panel

Pre-engineered Building

Fit for Use: All the Pre-Engineered sections from Intertouch are built up already to make your site erection fast and simple - just bolt together the various building components as per the approved erection drawings and save valuable construction time without compromising on the quality of the product.

Intertouch’s Pre-engineered buildings are tailor made to client’s needs. The synergy between each building components make them highly efficient in design. Offering Steel Buildings as a fully finished package, as per the clients’ requirement, we deliver them at site.

The package comprises of structural steel, cladding system, roofing, and insulation along with the needed accessories.

Get the advantage of Intertouch Pre-engineered buildings

  • Faster construction - Design, Build and Erection
  • Saving in cost / minimum fabrication cost / cost efficient
  • Large clear spans
  • Flexibility in expansion
  • Superior quality
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Architectural versatility meaning a unique attractive look.


The prices of the Pre- engineered buildings are based on the Intertouch designs as each project is customised to the client’s needs and requirements. After the client’s enquiry and clear understanding of the requirement by our team, we will submit a proposal offer with detailed scope of supply, price, delivery and payment terms. Once requested, proposal drawings with reaction can be provided.

Quality is the hallmark of Intertouch products.The brand is respected in the market for its inherent quality, reliability and dependability

  • All products meet the domestic and international standard requirements.
  • All products are passed through stringent quality checks at manufacturing stage


Steel Roofing System

Being one of the prominent players in the market, Intertouch markets a variety of permanent colour coated insulated metal roof and wall cladding systems for industrial and commercial buildings.

  • Galvalume - Hot dip metallic coated steel.
    It is Steel with organic coating for colour and maintenance free exterior.
  • Bare Galvalume - Hot dip zinc-alluminium alloy coated steel.
    It is one of the increasingly popular choice for roofing.

The metal roof & wall cladding products are the modern maintenance and economical solution to building construction needs of today’s world
HiRib Profile - is an attractive profile with wide pans and a proprietary side lap with anti-siphonic features.

Klippon - We also market Klippon which is a snap-fixed modified standing seam roofing profile with no fastener penetration through the roofing sheet.


Puff Panels

Intertouch partners with Corus Building System and Metecno International, BV, Netherlands to offer a wide range of Sandwich Paneling for industrial applications. Sandwich Panels are predominantly used for roofing and walling in building industry especially for cold storages.

What do Sandwich panels give your building?

  • Excellent and durable thermal insulation.
  • Excellent air tightness and free of thermal bridges
  • Long life and low maintenance cost
  • Soundproof
  • Heat insulated - offers considerable energy saving

The puff panels offer Elegant and economical solutions for your building paneling needs; their light weight feature makes it easier for installation.

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Kalzip Aluminium Roofing /
Facade System

Kalzip Aluminium Roofing

As a channel partner of Intertouch, Kalzip Roofing System, the world renowned product from Corus Steel

in India & UAE offers outstanding design potential combined with proven durability and high performance.

Being the undisputed global market leader having installed 70 million  sq.meter of Aluminium standing seam roofing around the world. Kalzip gives you the flexibility to meet the complex and rigorous requirements of the most challenging buildings.

Kalzip being a multi-component system can be preciously tailored to meet the needs of the individual project - where prime concern may include corrosion resistance, noise absorption, thermal performance or condensation control - in addition to other fundamental performance requirements such as wind loading and spanability.  The Aluminium roofing meet the stringent demands of modern building technology and design with regards to colour fastness, adhesion and resistance against aggressive substances and environments, and are available in a wide variety of standard RAL colours with a choice between high quality polyester or PVdF coatings.

Kalzip is offered as a fully compatible and coordinated roofing and often, walling system, from structural steel to outer sheet, assembled on site for complete demountability at some point in the distant future

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Facade System

Experience the freedom to produce outstanding architecture with Kalzip facade systems.

Facade systems offer

  • Lightness
  • Strength and durability
  • Low maintenance
  • Sustainability
  • Intelligent fixing systems that enable components and interfaces to harmonise with other building elements
  • Fully demountable panels which can be reused or recycled
  • Vandalised sheets that can be simply and economically replaced

It also offers a host of colours and finishes and profiles including corrugated and trapezoidal such as the TF facade system for your aesthetic needs. Achieve stunning effects of light with the range of perforated facades.

The range of Kalzip facade systems available provides a number of opportunities for enhancing a building envelope by combining distinctive designs with optimum functionality.

Get the Kalzip Intertouch advantage of innovative solutions to enhance your building.

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Latchways Fall
Arrest System

Latchways Fall Arrest System

Your trusted worker safety system to protect your people at any height. Meet your toughest requirements of worker safety with Latchways Fall Arrest System.

Latchways ManSafe solutions are used throughout the aerospace power transmission utilities and telecommunications sectors. Integrated with all the major contemporary roofing systems they ensure worker safety on an extraordinarily wide range of buildings,towers,bridges and structures.

Depending on your requirement, you can customise a Latchways ManSafe system to work.

  • Horizontally, vertically, along inclines and overhead
  • It can be a permanent installation to meet a regular need
  • A temporary unit for one-off activities
  • Even an eyebolt system for working from inside out

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Hunter Douglas
Facade System

Hunter Douglas Facade System

As a channel partner of intertouch, HunterDouglas offers an unparalleled degree of design freedom. The availability of custom shapes, curved and tapered panels, a variety of joint options and un extensive range of colors and material ensure that our products appearance are just as impressive as their performances.

HunterDouglas façade systems can significantly help improve the performance and comfort level of building. Not only do facades protect the building against noise and the sun, but they also shield walls from rain, wind and snow, keeping a more consistent interior temperature and humidity level.


   1. Closed structure facades system
   2. Open structure façade system

Facades System Offers

  • Performance - easy to adapt to specific project requirements, optimal airflow and light entry
  • Economic value - highly durable and fast and efficient installation
  • Green characteristics - at the end of façade lifecycle aluminium alloy is 100% recyclable
  • Aesthetic product - multi colors, shapes and details offer unparalleled design freedom
  • Ease of use - demountable system

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KME is a leading player in the global copper processing industry

The rich diversity of KME’s copper and copper-alloy materials & systems enables unparalleled variety and high-quality aesthetics for architecture.

Whether for the whole façade or roof, or simply accessories for feature areas and trims, the complete nature of KME’s offer provides solutions for practically any architectural requirement – all with the guarantee of quality, durability and long-lasting beauty for your peace of mind. The advantages of using KME products are

  • KME products are made from 100% recycled copper
  • KME products are fully recyclable, environmental friendly and is used as green building product projects
  • KME Products has a natural beauty due to changing surfaces
  • KME Products are corrosion resistant and maintenance free
  • Various profiles such as standing seam, shingles and other profiles gives aesthetic look and add additional values to the building elevation

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MN Products offers variety of shapes, materials and surfaces give free rein to your creativity when designing facades, roof and walls. MN offers materials in High Grade steel, steel, Aluminium, Brass, Titanium Zinc and copper. The advantages of using MN Roof and facades over other facades are

  • MN gives us various profiles starting from Miniwave to larger profiles
  • MN gives us the inbuilt edges which gives neat finish in the corner of the buildings
  • The unlimited perforation options which gives the architect to make creative designs
  • The customised profiles and perforations can also achieved using MN materials
  • MN Column cladding provides fascinating opportunities for challenging architecture inside the building
  • MN offers almost no limits to your imagination when designing walls, ceilings and floors. Combination of perforated and embossed sheets provide excellent functionality as well as optical features.

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Zinc materials are rapidly played a dominant role, especially in the building roof and façade sector. The zinc is extensively used as roof and façade material due to the following aspects:

  • Zinc is a mineral, a natural and living with its own lifespan.
  • Zinc is a natural mineral, important and vital for human health
  • Zinc is practically 100% recyclable
  • Zinc is long standing and requires no maintenance
  • The life span of zinc is exceptionally long 60 – 100 years
  • The patina is self-cleaning and self-healing and no maintenance is required

The various profiles such as standing seam, Flat lock and interlock panel, Adeka and various profiles gives aesthetic look and add additional values to the building elevation.

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