“The pioneers with over 22 years of experience in the field of metal building System in India ”

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Intertouch understands today’s need for eco-friendly building, the value of design apart from the aesthetic need and the impact each individual project has on people’s mind and lives. Every project with Intertouch is engineered with your designs and specific needs in mind bringing you value added innovation and end to end solutions.



The world’s leading standing seam roofing and wall cladding system provider Kalzip is Intertouch’s channel partner. With over 80 million square metres been installed worldwide, Kalzip and Intertouch gives you the world of quality, sustainability and reliability to your roofing solutions.

Partnering with Hunter Douglas, Intertouch brings to you the 80 years of Hunter Douglas craft of creating innovative solutions to meet the highest standards for commercial, hospitality, industrial, and institutional facades.

The Latchways ManSafe® fall protection system is individually assembled from especially designed components and may be specified to operate vertically, horizontally, around bends or on inclines to suit your building and operating needs.

MN’s many years of experience have made the company the recognised specialist in roof and wall cladding (both perforated and non-perforated) and the preferred supplier for many leading companies both in Germany and abroad.

KME Offers a wealth of creative opportunities for the design of architecture roofing and cladding using Copper as the base material. Durable TECU® products from KME offer many unique possibilities. A range of different materials in copper and copper alloys to satisfy all the needs of architects and designers.

VMZINC is the international brand name of rolled zinc products manufactured and sold by the Building Products Unit of the Group, Umicore. Umicore is an international metals and materials group.

Intertouch launches Latchway Fall Protection System
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Steel Roofing System

Being one of the prominent players in the market, Intertouch markets a variety of permanent colour coated insulated metal roof and wall cladding systems for industrial and commercial buildings. The metal roof & wall cladding products are the modern maintenance and economical solution to building construction needs of today’s world.

The Intertouch Advantage

The Intertouch team comes with an advantage of an established team of highly skilled, dedicated and trained project managers, site engineers, site supervisors and quality inspectors work to execute project anywhere in the country..